Bilingualism: learning; teaching; testing

In order to promote the Russian language and culture, St Petersburg University launched a webinar series for teachers and learners of Russian as a foreign language. These events cover different aspects relevant to language teaching and learning. We hope are webinars will benefit all the parties concerned.

Webinar 1. Russian as a foreign language textbook ‘Dialogue’ and teaching multi-level classes

Webinar 2. Soroka and Sarafan – Russian as a foreign language textbook for children who live in a non-Russian speaking environment

Webinar 3. Bilinguals around us: how and what languages does a child acquire

Webinar 4. How do we write the sounds we hear? Spoken language corpora in language teaching

Webinar 5. Child’s grammar. The early stages of language acquisition: morphology and bilingualism

Webinar 6. The test of Russian as a Foreign Language for school students at St Petersburg University: common questions teachers and parents ask

Webinar 7. Sketchnoting for teens: teaching abstract vocabulary; expanding student’ vocabulary sub-skills

Webinar 8. Preparing teenagers for the TORFL-II / B2 and TORFL-III / C1 exams. The Writing subtest structure and assessment criteria. Writing practice in the classroom

Webinar 9. Mechanics of reading and teaching text comprehension strategies

Webinar 10. The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR): teaching and testing bilinguals and learners of Russian as a second language

Webinar 11. Differentiation between speech pathology and language learning problems as a way to work effectively with bilingual children

Webinar 12. Myths and facts about bilingualism

Webinar 13. Communication behaviour of bilingual children, its specifics and the development of communication skills

Webinar 14. The educational potential of the TORFL exam in school overseas