Gaining knowledge at home

A webinar series ‘Gaining knowledge at home’

To support educators in Russia and overseas, St Petersburg University together with the Federal Agency Rossotrudnichestvo launched a joint educational project ‘Gaining knowledge at home’.

As part of this project a series of free webinars have been conducted by St Petersburg University experts. Thematically, the webinars focus on teaching methodologies of various subjects, including the Russian language. The first series of webinars covers the main aspects of teaching Russian as a foreign language and effective preparation for the Test of Russian as a Foreign Language.

Webinar 1. Modern Russian language and Russian as a foreign language – bridging the gap

Webinar 2. Mechanisms to support the Russian language overseas

Webinar 3. Test yourself and see your progress. TORFL: new opportunities

Webinar 4. Emotionally safe environment in the Russian as a foreign language classroom: what; why; and how

Webinar 5. Tips for candidates on how to effectively prepare for the TORFL Levels A1 and A2 (in English)

Webinar 6. Digital pedagogy: past, present and future

Webinar 7. Teaching Levels B1 and C1 and preparation for high-level exams abroad

Webinar 8. Tips on how to effectively prepare for the TORFL Level B1 (in English)

Webinar 9. Developing students’ vocabulary sub-skills. Interactive classroom activities during presentation, practice, and assessment

Webinar 10. Business Russian: practice; tests; online projects

Webinar 11. Digital resources for the present-day education

Webinar 12. Supplementary materials in the Russian as a foreign language classroom for school students. Review of contemporary children’s literature and film

Webinar 13. Modern methods of teaching history

Webinar 14. International projects launched by St Petersburg University: Online School; International Olympiad in Russian as a Foreign Language; Speaking clubs

Webinar 15. Open-access resources for digital pedagogy

Webinar 16. Challenges and pitfalls in teaching Russian – how to explain difficult material