Russian for Business Communication

Why take a Russian for Business Communication Test?

Candidates who successfully passed the Russian for Business Communication test receive a Certificate confirming their ability to communicate confidently in the Russian-speaking professional environment. The certificate does not have an expiry date. A certificate in Russian for Business Communication provides a springboard to new achievements. It could help you to:

  • prove to your employer that you have the Russian language skills to succeed in your career;
  • expand your horizons while travelling across Russia and beyond;
  • meet new people and find new business partners.

Certify your Russian language proficiency and discover new opportunities for mutually beneficial business partnerships in Russia.

Exam format

Tests of Russian for Business Communication are level-based exams aligned against the reference levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). This makes it easier for employers to determine the level of language proficiency when selecting the best applicants for a job. This also gives clear objectives for the learner and helps to choose the appropriate exam level.

Each test is made up of five parts, aimed to test communicative competence and main language skills: Reading; Vocabulary & Grammar; Writing; Listening; and Speaking. The exam can be held either at the Language Testing Centre at St Petersburg University, or online – at your office or home.

The exams are based on authentic texts. This helps you to improve your skills to communicate in real-life business scenarios.

How to prepare for exams

Exam preparation is a time-consuming and energy-intensive activity. Therefore, you need to be smart about it. To prepare for the exam you may use sites, online or printed sources specialised in business matters. We also recommend that you take a free online course in ‘Business Russian Communication’, and check out the following textbooks:

  • Russian for Business A2-C1;
  • Business Russian for day-to-day situations (In Russian)

These materials will help you to prepare for exams in Russian for Business Communication, to identify your strengths and weaknesses across all four language skills, which eventually will give you confidence to perform to the best of your ability at exam and communicate with confidence in an Russian-speaking business environment.

A few facts about us:

  • thousands of people have already taken the test and received their certificates;
  • the geography of exam takers includes: Czech Republic; Germany; Greece; Italy; France; Switzerland; South Korea; Russia; Japan, etc.