Level 1 Test in English (Level B1 CEFR)

The Level 1 Test in English developed by the Language testing centre at St Petersburg University measures the language proficiency of candidates at CEFR Level B1.

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This is an average level of proficiency in a foreign language which involves the ability to understand the main content of standard messages within familiar spoken situations that occur at work, school, in leisure time, etc.; the ability to carry out spoken interactions in most situations that arise when visiting a country where the language being studied is spoken; the ability to make a coherent simple statement within familiar spoken situations on everyday topics; the ability to talk about impressions, events, intentions and dreams, briefly put across your point of view, and explain plans.

  • Test duration3 hours 13 minutes
  • Number of papers5
  • Formin-person
  • Required test score (%) to pass the test: 51-100%

Test format


Number of tasks



4 tasks (25 items)

40 min


2 tasks (“Short message” and “Email” or “Article”)

50 min


4 tasks (24 items)

47 min

Use of English

3 tasks (24 items)

38 min


2 tasks (“Dialogue”, “Talk”)

14-18 min

Test results

The candidate who achieves a “pass” score will receive a certificate with a grade (A, B, C). The grade within the level depends on the overall test score (%). Certificates are issued within 4-5 weeks of the moment of taking the test.

Test grade

Test score (%)







Test sessions

Preparation for the test


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You can find out about the current dates of registration and the exam, as well as its cost, on the general information page.